Markazul Uloom
Rules And Regulations
Online Admission
  • School hours are from 9.20 A.M to 3.45 P.M.
  • Late-comers must get signature of the parent/guardian and of the Principal in the appropriate columns in the Late Attendance Record in the Pupil's Diary, before entering the class room.
  • Perfect silence must be observed during and after the assembly.
  • Pupils should maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene
  • Pupils who fail to put in at least 75% of the attendance will not be permitted to appear for the AnnuaI/CBSE examinations.
  • If a pupil fallsill or is unable to attend classes during any working day, he/she should promptly send an application for leave to the class teacher duly signed by his / her parent / guardian. The class teacher should properly enter the same in the Leave Record in Pupil's Diary and submit the same to the Principal.
  • A student who has been absent for more than 5 consecutive days should submit a Medical Certificate.
  • The names of those pupils who have been continuously absent for 15 working days and who have failed to apply for leave will be struck off the rolls. However, in genuine cases, the pupil could be re-admitted by the Principal. In such case, re-admission fee of Rs. 1500/- is to be paid along with the other dues outstanding, if any.
  • No pupil should be seen loitering around during the class hours.
  • The pupils should not wear jewellery or ornaments.
  • The Pupil's Diary should be brought to the school every day and keep entries therein up-to-date.
  • No pupil is allowed to go out of the school campus during the working hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • Pupils are solely responsible for the safe custody of their personal belongings.
  • Pupils are prohibited from bringing in and circulating inside the school any magazine, periodicals, CDs, cell phone, electronic gadgets or toys etc
  • In the absence of the teacher, the class is expected to remain disciplined and silent under the supervision of the Monitor.
  • Pupils should not indulge in running, playing, shouting, making indecent gestures, using abusive language in the class rooms or disfiguring the board, windows, doors, benches, desks, walls, or damage electrical fittings, smart class room accessories etc.
  • Pupils should we well dressed Indecent hair or dress style is not permitted.
  • Pupils while moving from one class to another, shall display disciplined manner and graceful movements.
  • very pupil should endeavour to keep up the high reputation of the school by excelling in his/her conduct and manners inside and outside the campus.
  • Any kind of damage done to properties of the school shall be made good from those responsible for such damage.
  • Attendance at the Assembly and Sports and Games are compulsory.
  • Pupils will not indulge in exchange of valuables or money transactions or running errands for others.
  • The pupils must attend all school functions.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual negligence, disobedience, disrespect to authority, any kind of cheating and other reprehensible behavior which will be injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for attracting disciplinary actions.
  • Pupils are expected to keep the class rooms and the school premises clean and tidy. They should deposit scraps in the dust bins only

    To Parents/Guardians

    Co-Curricular And Extra Curricular Activities

  • Pupils are encouraged to develop their talents, improve skills and right attitudes through well planned co - curricular and extra-curricular activities. Facilities are provided for in-door and out-door games and for study tours.

    Remedial Action Programme

  • Through the continuous internal assessment system pupils who have learning deficiencies are identified and special care is given to them However, parents are advised to inform the class teachers about the special areas of weaknesses/strengths of their wards.

    Student Store

  • The prescribed text books, work books and stationery are supplied to the students through the Students' Store

    Library and Reading Room

  • The computerised Library has a good collection of books. Books are issued to students from class V onwards. News papers, Journals and Periodicals are made available in the reading room


  • The state of art laboratories are set up for Life Science, Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science


  • The pupils who do not have 75% attendance in an academic year shall not be permitted to appear for the Annual Examination.


  • Promotion to the next higher class will be based on the pupil's achievements in the Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, attendance and good conduct and character. Attendance during the assessments and examinations is compulsory. Those pupils who absent themselves from assessments and examinations will not be re-examined on a later date except on medical ground, subject to the approval of the principal. All matters related to promotions will be taken by the Principal and his decision shall be final and binding.

    Dress Code

  • The pupils must wear only the prescribed uniforms on the campus.


  • Those who avail of the school transportation facilities shall abide by the following rules and regulations
  • The parents shall be responsible to bring their wards to the allotted boarding points and take them back.
  • The student should reach the boarding points in time. The late comer will not be waited for
  • Pupils will be picked up only from boarding points notified by the management.
  • Notified boarding points will not be changed under ordinary conditions.
  • In exigencies, the management may consider change of boarding points. If such a change is for more than three days a month and entails longer distance than the designated boarding points, the parents are liable to pay the transportation charge applicable for the longer distance
  • Parents are not permitted to take their wards from the school without prior permission of the Principal register and making necessary entries in the book kept with the security staff.
  • The students should display decent behavior while traveling in the bus.