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Founder Profile K. Abdurahman, known as Kondotty Abdurahman Sahib is the Master Craftsman of Markaz institutions, Kondotty. A humble fellow born with the rarest qualities led a life of sacred simplicity. He owed a divine will which laid the foundation for our institutions. Born in Kondotty, Malappuram, on September 15,1936 parents were Mr. Kommery Veeran kutty & Mrs. Mariyam. He had his formal education from A.M LP School, Naduthodika & Govt. M Mappila School, Kondotty & religious studies from Ma’dinul Uloom Madrassa & Khadiyarakam Juma madjid, Kondotty. He was compelled to drop his schooling under the shadow of poverty & he turned to be a beedi worker in his earlier years. But, through his wide reading & steadiness in his hard work, he mounted up the heights of glory to stand in front for Jamate Islami as a leader & a social worker. Markaz institutions stand up with its stature as great monument of his grit & will power. He knew no rest in his life which was remarkably eventful until his death at 62.
About Markaz
About Markaz Markazul Uloom English Senior Secondary School was established in 1983 and is run by the Ansarul Islam Charitable Trust Kondotty, a Not for profit minority charitable organization running educational institutions including vocational training library and reading rooms. This school strives towards the total personality development of the pupils so as to achieve the best in this world and in the hereafter. Hence, along with school education, the school imparts moral instructions and socially useful and productive work experience to the pupils. It also fosters a learning environment which re-inforces the concepts of self discipline, human values, self motivation and duty consciousness. It puts across the principle that education is not filling of an empty vessel but kindling of flame The management, the teachers, the support staff and the parents have dedicated themselves to nurture young boys and girls with sterling character, achievement, orientation and thirst for best quality of life.
Vision and Mission
Our Vision 1. To impart knowledge, skill and positive attitude to the pupils.
2. To inculcate spirit of kindness towards younger and respect towards the elder.
3. To inculcate pupils with moral and ethical values.
4. To Impart the values of right citizenship and selfless service to the humanity.

Our Mission To provide high quality cost effective education to the pupils belonging to the socially, educationally and economically backward communities
History Markazul Uloom English Senior Secondary School located at Ekkaparamba, Vidyapuram 6 km away from Kondotty town started functioning at Kondotty in 1982. It is the pioneer school in this area affiliated Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi The admission is open to all without any discrimination in any form. As this well managed school maintains a high academic standard and has an impeccable track record of zero failure in the All India Secondary School Examinations of the C.B.S.E. A large number of students from distant areas take admission in this prestigious school.
AICTK Kondotty, a historic place, in Malabar region in Kerala, is one of the Muslim concentrated areas in India. But like their counterparts elsewhere in India, the Muslims of this area also are backward in socio-economic and educational fronts. Very much concerned about the poor state of affairs of the Muslims, a small group of farsighted, enthusiastic and inspiring Muslims under the leadership of a visionary Abdurahman Bin Meeran resolved to empower the Muslims through multiple interventions. Towards this end, they formed an association in 1967, 'the Ansarul Islam Association' which was later converted to 'the Ansarul Islam Charitable Trust Kondotty' (AICTK) in 1982 with Dr. K.K. Mohamed as Donor.

Institutions With a view to achieving its objectives, the AICT runs eighteen institutions. These institutions render valuable services to empower the Muslim Ummah.
1.   AI Madrasathul Islamiya
2.   Islamic Library & Reading Room
3.   Markazul Uloom Pre-School
4.   Markazul Uloom English Senior Secondary School
5.   Tailoring Institute for Women
6.   Interest Free Finance Society
7.   Orphan Care Home
8.   Centre for Career Guidance
9.   Masjidul Ihsan, Kondotty
10. Masjidunnoor, Melangadi
11. Masjidul Farooque, Neerad
12. Masjidussalam, Aroor
13. Masjidul Ibrahim, Ekkaparamba
14. Masjidurahman, Kizhissery
15. Masjiduswafa, Kaloth
16. Masjiduthaqwa, Pulikkal
17. Masjidul Ansar, Kolathur
18. Masjidul Hudha, Maderi, Kondotty.